Ad Trafficker

Ad trafficker is to coordinate, monitor, and manage all the material and involved with online advertising. This includes working closely with account managers, creative artists, and other members of an advertising agency. Ad traffickers accomplish this by facilitating communication and workflow between all the involved parties. Ultimately, the ad trafficker is responsible for ensuring deadlines are met with respect to the placement, distribution, and implementation of advertising campaigns.

The responsibilities of an ad trafficker differ slightly from an affiliate marketer because they are mostly focused on uploading ads, troubleshooting ads, and generating ad metric reports instead of finding interested parties who want to display ads on the company's websites. A traditional ad trafficker may have to go around to different venues and event coordinators to find individuals who are interested in displaying ads, as well as eventually printing and distributing those ads when they have been created.

Ad traffickers will need to be able to estimate how many times an individual ad campaign will be displayed, the deadline for when the ad campaign will be concluded, and the preferred placement for the advertisements. Lastly, he will be responsible for billing the main company that placed the ads and potentially even the distribution of affiliate earnings from advertising.

Ad traffickers will need to have excellent communication skills and typically a technical background so that they can troubleshoot advertisements on web pages, upload new advertising banners and administrative materials to ad servers.

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