Our Team

Mishel Asraf

President & Chairman

Mishel Asraf has devoted his career to helping companies generate, evaluate and implement innovative growth strategies. Shortly after graduating university he co-founded a company. He has become a world leader in providing economic, technology, competitive, customer, demographic and best practices research to support clients with their investment and business strategy decisions. Today, the company is focused on helping clients become visionary innovators in their industry. This is done through a unique value proposition based on 360-degree research, a global platform, and comprehensive industry coverage and career best practices.

He to travels extensively to facilitate growth workshops and think on visionary innovation, megatrends, growth strategy and competitive strategy. He frequently keynotes at industry events, associations and company strategy meetings. Currently a member of the board of the strategy and competitive intelligence professionals association, which is dedicated to the development of competitive strategy professionals to drive corporate growth. He is also the president and chairman of the fours media group, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to leveraging innovation to address global challenges.

Lucas Smith

Chief Executive Officer

After holding multiple senior leadership roles, Lucas Smith joined fours media group. He is committed to embodying the core values upon which the company was built, while leading the company through its next phase. And was responsible for all of the company’s worldwide sales and operations, including end-to-end management of sales activities, and service and support in all markets and countries.

He has responsibilities between managing the agency’s relationships with our clients and staff and providing our clients with high-level and strategic PR account leadership, directing teams that execute and implement successful legal media relations programs. Serving as an integral senior member of a law firm’s marketing department, Anuj takes pride in developing long-term relationships with law firm clients, many of whom he has worked with for a minimum of five, 10 and more years. These partnerships have enabled to become a trusted advisor to many of the country’s top corporate law firms.

Richard J. Bressler

Vice president

Richard J. Bressler is vice president for fours media group, inc. He oversees and executes strategic communications for all of the company's brands, including fours media group and clear channel outdoor, and is also responsible for the company’s internal and external communications; marketing of brands and products; financial communications; business-to-business marketing support; crisis communications; and developing and coordinating strategy for local marketing efforts. He has more than 15 years experience in providing management and strategic counsel to companies and their senior leaders.

Manoj Kumar

Chief Technical Officer

As chief technology officer Manoj is responsible for guiding overall product strategy and product development, where he gets to apply his customer-centric values and beliefs in creating the next generation of customer service and support products.

He started his tenure here at fours media group in product development, which serves as the backbone and development platform for the current fours media group suite of applications. From there, he served as the director of software development, leading the development team on the current suite of products, and then later serving as CTO of services and support, where he led a team of dedicated professionals that helped make dovetail known for its world-class support.

Manoj served as a principal technical consultant at clarify for over four years, focusing on all aspects of implementation and customization, he brings with him 15 years of experience in consulting, implementing and managing employee and customer support systems for organizations across the globe.

Rayanne Thorn

Senior HR

Rayanne is also responsible for building strategic partnerships that help better serve dovetail customers. She has 15 years of experience in consulting, implementing and managing employee and customer support systems for organizations across the globe. After she bring years of innovative marketing experience various human resources and recruiting technologies. As a former practitioner of talent management and talent acquisition, she also brings a basic understanding of the HR tech buyer.

Her primary role was to re-evaluate its hr technology and build a new hr systems strategy. Evaluation resulted in a complete hr technology overhaul and implementation of a new hr talent management system (workday), a new erecruitment system, and a hr case management solution (fours media group) to lay the foundation for the hr shared services centre. He has lived all over the world and spent his career identifying and implementing the right systems and technology necessary for global organizations to effectively manage employees and customers.

Jason Giuliano

Business Development

His roles include business development and project management at fours media group, building client relationships and guiding clients through the design and development processes. He has over 20 years of industry, earning a communication degree focusing in marketing with a minor in graphic design, public relations and a associates in business administration.

Amy Phillips

Office Manager

As the office manager, Amy has over 14 years of professional experience in administrative roles. Amy handles hr and financial management functions, including payroll, ap/ar and customer service. Her incredible organization skills keep our team running smoothly!


Project Manager

Jon is one of our most passionate and knowledgeable employees. He has been an asset to the community for over 30 years and we are happy to have him as a project manager. His years of experience are matched with a constant drive for learning, as well as sharing his knowledge about project management with co-workers and new employees.

Steinhoff Amanda

Communications Manager

Proper communication is an essential part of technology services, and as our communications manager, Amanda makes sure the two are always intertwined. She develops and implements communications strategies that reflect the pmo’s values and supports the goals of our clients. With an emphasis on relationship building and professionalism, Amanda oversees all aspects of communication to be sure our projects are shaped and executed in a clear and organized manner.

Allison Lautz

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Allison joined the fours media group as marketing coordinator in february 2018 to support fours media group marketing manager to help drive the association's ambitious growth program. Allison has grown and developed during her time at fours media group and become a highly regarded and important support to the marketing team. As a result, her role has since grown to senior marketing coordinator, where her role entails writing and designing copies for fours media group marketing and promotional communications in conjunction with supporting the fours media group team.

Samantha HS

Director Of Marketing

As the strategic leader of fours media group internal marketing initiatives, courtney oversees the implementation and execution of traditional and digital marketing strategies, enhancing brand awareness, generating demand and increasing qualified leads.

Courtney works closely with both public relations and digital team members at walker sands to effectively deliver comprehensive digital ecosystem campaigns. She and her marketing team thrive on developing creative and engaging programs to build the fours media group brand.


Sales Manager

With a strong background in client services and traditional media relations, Ravindra fosters and develops business relationships with key players in the technology and b2b spaces. Working closely with the various expert teams at walker sands, Ravindra determines project scopes and campaigns that are tailored to create a strong impact for both evolving and established brands.

Prior to joining fours media group, Ravindra has built experience in research, writing, event and media planning and client relations through her previous career as an account manager.

Ravi S

Senior Financial Advisor

Drawing on a decade of experience in financial services, Ravi personal mission is to help ensure her clients financial plan and investments work in tandem to help them achieve their personal objectives and goals.

As an advisor, Ravi uses vast knowledge of financial markets to deliver a comprehensive wealth management approach, one that helps clients gain a deeper understanding of their overall financial plan. Ravi is a holder of the right to use the chartered financial analyst designation.

Roger Hewins

Chief Financial Officer

As a chief financial officer adds a diverse perspective to financial advising for his clients due to his vast tax management experience, making him an invaluable resource that can handle nearly every planning aspect of a client’s long term financial goals.

Anitha V

Accounting Manager

I developed during my career at fours media group are on both the hard- and on the soft-skill side. Everything i advise to clients these days i learned and developed over the past 8 years from my foundation in finance. On the soft-skill side, we have different trainings to help you develop your presentation skills or writing skills.

Narendra HN

Head Of Account Management

Narendra is responsible for providing information, support and direction to his team, as well as managing a portfolio of big budget clients. A patient individual with a professional approach, he enjoys mentoring and coaching his team and sharing his knowledge across the business. He is a natural problem-solver and loves the challenge of resolving complex client issues. The unpredictable nature of his role is what he enjoys most about his work.

John Mills

Senior Quality Analyst

john has been quality testing software for several years, from complex business systems to mobile games. He's got excellent technical skills to boot, ensuring the quality of our products and services.

Peter Cellier

Senior Associate

Peter develops cutting-edge communications strategies that empower our clients to further their causes and strengthen their communities. Before joining fours media group, he worked with the education advisory board to help non-profit colleges and universities build market-driven online and professional programs and apply marketing insights to student-facing communications.

Veronica Selzler

Senior Quality Consultant

Veronica partners with clients to explore their goals, understand their audiences, and develop research-based messages and strategies. Before joining fours media group, she managed communications and oversaw grants for foundations working both internationally and in her own backyard.

Chaitra V

Quality Administrative Assistant

Chaitra joined the fours media group staff in february 2018 as a quality administrative assistant. With more than 10 years of experience in customer service, event planning, accounting support, apparel design, merchandising and production, she is now excited to apply her skills and experience towards making a difference in children and young people’s lives.

Karen Richardson

IT Manager

Karen n is a business analyst at fours media group innovations and has over twenty years of it experience. Prior to her current position, karen was a business analyst in organizations that deliver parcel and freight solutions, services across the electricity sector, and logistics solutions for the healthcare industry. At fours media group innovations, karen works with various business stakeholders to gain in-depth understanding of business needs, analyses and documents business processes. Karen works closely with the it development team to assess how best to integrate business processes and their associated requirements into current technologies. Karen elicits and documents business requirements and manages quality assurance activities in partnership with the it/project management team. Karen has a proven track record in delivering projects that are value-add to her organization and clients. Karen is results-oriented, very organized and has excellent work ethic.


System Administrator

James designs and implements the infrastructure that ensures our clients sites and services run effectively. He also supports the development team by providing devops to facilitate continuous development. James worked for an it consultancy and support company. He designed solutions for clients spanning a range of sectors from oil and gas, to legal and education.

This allows him to preview the latest microsoft technologies to ensure the best solutions are being presented to clients. James also follows linux and other open-source technologies.

Arun kumar

Technology Consulting

As vice president of it development at fours media group innovations, arun puts his 14+ years of experience in the it healthcare sector to work, delivering innovative solutions to drive product development, process standardization and business growth. Arun provides leadership and governance of the company’s technology efforts to ensure continuous development and execution of technical strategies and projects that enable to provide customers with world-class service.

Although analytical in nature, arun possesses a strong creative muscle allowing him to contribute towards a user-centred approach to product design and marketing. Arun proven ability to lead and shape multidisciplinary teams to success stems from his passion for collaboration and brokering of respectful relationships grounded in shared, strategic priorities.

Shanth kumar

Network Administrator

He has been in it for nearly 20 years with a high level of experience supporting microsoft networks and exchange server. He attained his first microsoft certification (mcse) in 2010. It is a privilege to be part of a dedicated team of professionals in a company that punches above its weight in deploying enterprise grade technology systems to meet its business challenges. I am passionate about running network operations as effectively and efficiently as possible, at heart i am a problem solver and enjoy all things technology related.

Amal Habashy

Senior Programmer

Amal has a bachelor degree in graphic design and cartoon animation along with over 18 years of web design experience in various industries. She is an active learner and is constantly exploring new areas of design so she is always on top of the latest trends. True to form, amal has earned her ux design certificate which allows her to create beautiful user experiences. Through her expertise, amal leads the full design process from researching, to wire framing, to creating user personas, to problem solving from conception to implementation, to developing and improving the quality and efficient interaction between end users and the various programs she develops.


Content Manager

Meghan urquhart has a bachelor of public health degree with experience in a variety of healthcare settings, predominantly in health education and e-learning. This education, and experience has provided her with in-depth knowledge of health promotion and policy, and strategies to improve community health.

As the content project manager, meghan uses her knowledge to increase client’s motivation and ability to take action with their health, and promote overall wellbeing among users. Meghan works with partnered not-for-profit organizations to source relevant, evidence-based content to encourage healthy living for fours media group users.

Alice Manners

Junior Front End Developer

Alice is a senior front end developer at fours media group. Alice has a background in communications and business, and initially joined the company in 2018 managing projects and client accounts. After a few years she decided to pursue front end development. Using her skills in html, css, and javascript, alice works on maintenance accounts and website redesigns.

Kevin Hawryluk

Senior Software Developer

As a developer, Kevin is working to improve the SEO and PPC reporting process by designing tools for conducting deeper analysis and automating data collection and report generation. So far, Kevin has automated a large portion of fours media group monthly SEO reporting and is currently working on developing a web application to expedite PPC data collection and processing. On top of this, Kevin collaborates across departments to enhance PR and social reporting by developing solutions to improve data accuracy and internal efficiency.

Kevin has enjoyed working on the fours media group internal metrics and KPI tracker, SEO report automation and ad-hoc coding projects,


Lead Developer

Roshan lead developer integrates the newest technologies and trends with decades of programming experience to provide clients with superior websites.

Ramesh kL

Senior Director Of Digital Darketing

As a senior director of digital marketing, Ramesh primary role is to oversee the planning, production and implementation of new web projects. His award-winning team of designers, developers and project managers are responsible for delivering the best integrated campaigns in the industry.

During that time, he learned how the industry's preeminent talent approaches storytelling. However, the allure of working in the innovative and growing realm of digital marketing drew him over into the agency world. He's passionate about the intersection between creativity and technology.

Sharath SG

Vice President Of Digital Services

As vice president of digital services at fours media group, Sharath is a strategy architect and technical director, managing the intersection of PR and digital services for one of most sought-after interactive marketing agencies. A leading digital practitioner for more than 15 years, john has an extensive background in seo, social media and the use of digital strategies in integrated marketing campaigns for fast-growing b2b and b2c clients across the technology sector.

Sharath was a primary influence behind innovative digital ecosystem, an approach that emphasizes the intelligent integration of PR and digital marketing services for clients interested in maximizing earned, owned and paid media opportunities.

Jen Putis

Digital Project Manager

As a digital project manager, Jen works with internal teams and clients to ensure all projects are thoughtfully delivered on time, within scope, and on budget. Working with content writers, designers, developers, and strategists, she has visibility over projects at all checkpoints and maintains all project deliverable timing to ensure success at every intersection of the project lifecycle.

Before joining the fours media group team, Jen held various project management positions where she worked with global corporations and local startups alike. She's managed projects spanning from simple microsites to million-dollar campaigns, and enjoys being part of a team that creates inspiring work for clients.

Raghu Kumar

Paid Digital Marketing Analyst

Raghu is a paid digital marketing analyst at fours media group. He assists the digital team by working on day-to-day paid media projects, specializing in search engine marketing (sem) for b2b clients. Raghu has been working in paid search for the past three years for various b2c and b2b clients.

Marko Siltala

Digital Marketing Strategist

Marko is a digital marketing strategist at fours media group. He oversees the development, execution and analysis of demand generation programs for industry-leading b2b clients.

Marko work in search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) has resulted in him providing clients with detailed programs and reports for clients that include user experience and interaction, which supports on-page changes and drives an increase in page conversions. Marko has also spearheaded website creations, and lead digital marketing collateral campaigns including brochures, emails and newsletters.

Prakash JK

Associate Director Of Digital Production

As the associate director of digital production, Prakash oversees the UX, creative and development processes for a variety of web-based applications, ensuring each project is delivered on time, on budget and according to industry standards and best practices.

Before joining fours media group, Prakash worked as a senior digital producer building award-winning interactive digital experiences for clients. He’s incredibly passionate about all aspects of the development process but has a special place in his heart for user experience.

Kyle Davis

Associate Designer

Kyle Davis is an associate designer who works to create strong and consistent designs for clients across both fours media group PR and digital teams.

With a knack for creative problem solving, Kyle conceptualizes ideas into a number of design assets, including websites, content marketing, slide decks and many more. Her favourite projects to work on include the PKM website redesign and creative marketing collateral for fours media group internal.

Sanjay Burman

Digital Marketing Head

Sanjay is digital marketing head of the company and he is heading the digital marketing team in organization. He has done master in computer application and has more than 8 years of experience in digital marketing field. He has passed google’s various exams including analytics, search advertising, display advertising, video advertising, shopping advertising, and mobile advertising. He has also passed bing ads certification and passed hubspot inbound, email marketing and content marketing exams to fulfill the requirements of our client. He is excellent in strategic management and excellent in building attractive, responsive & search engine friendly websites. Under his direction, company is highly motivated towards achieving the goals.

Roshni Mahtani

Media Relations Strategist

Roshni mahtani offers retail technology and education technology clients and strong experience in media relations and a passion for telling great stories. In her role as media relations strategist, she builds out media strategy plans, develops relationships with key reporters to secure media placements at target top-tier and trade publications, and develops written content and key messaging for her clients to be positioned as thought leaders.

Prior to joining the fours media group team, she practiced institutional, non-for-profit and corporate pr, as well as international pr agency work, touching on a variety of industries for clients ranging from startups to fortune 500 companies.

Lucas Strombeck

Senior Media Relations Specialist

Lucas is a senior media relations specialist at fours media group, where he focuses on developing and executing media relations strategies for marketing technology clients like social and marketing. In this role, he crafts messaging, conducts media outreach, builds relationships with reporters and positions executives as thought leaders in their fields.

Lucas has a background in public and corporate affairs, with experience in media relations, crisis communications, writing, research, content creation and social media management.

Prior to joining fours media group, before that integrated marketing communications firm, where he worked primarily with trade association clients.

Deepthi Chittaranjan

Media Relations Specialist

As a media relations specialist, Deepthi focuses on executing media outreach and securing top-tier coverage for her clients in the enterprise software and professional services industries. Day-to-day, she develops news worthy story ideas, creates strong reporter relationships and assists in content development to position her clients as thought leaders in their fields. She roots are in consumer PR, having worked in a market research and consumer insights role at a full-service ad agency.

Yogesh Kewat

Social Media Marketing

Yogesh is social media marketingof the company and handling social media marketing activities for all projects as well. His diverse knowledge in media marketing helps clients to grow exponentially. He is very professional in his work and has vast knowledge of social media sites and its features. He is self-motivated and has ability to develop and manage teams in order to increase company profitability and efficiency.

Alex Chapman

Head of SEO

Motivated digital marketing & SEO professional with experience driving search marketing strategy for some of australia's largest brands. I currently lead a team of 8 SEOS that consistently deliver innovative digital marketing strategies for SME to Enterprise Level Clients.

Nancy Koziol

Content & SEO Strategist

Nancy koziol is the chief content creator at fours media group. This comes in handy when creating content. Her favourite thing about her work in structuring content to have a voice that matches the client’s aesthetic while also making google happy when it comes to readability/SEO. It’s like doing a puzzle and she likes puzzles. As a small team it’s vital that we communicate well and we do, even though we stretch across the us and beyond. We also really like each other. Yes, a workplace where everyone likes each other exists.

Vijay SD

SEO Director

I spend half of my time optimizing websites, both internal and client, helping those sites achieve their highest potential within search engine results. The other 50% of my time, I’m buried in statistics, analysing them, identifying patterns and trends, and producing reports that tell a story.

Divish K

Head Of Technical SEO

Divish heads up the technical seo team and has been with click since 2011 in a role focusing on growing clients businesses across the digital landscape via technical and on-site seo work, best practice consultation and strategic digital marketing. She uses her seo experience and degree in computer information systems to aid her in working closely with a range of departments and clients, communicating ideas and innovating beyond best practice to achieve the very best results for her clients. She is also responsible for the quality and quantity of the work completed by the whole seo team, including capacity management and account allocation.


Senior SEO Strategy

Sundresh up the seo strategy team here at click consult and has over ten years’ experience in seo, having honed his technical and strategic expertise at money super market. This was followed by heading up the seo team at think money group with a focus on marketing campaign development and seo project management. During his time working in the industry, he has witnessed the ever changing nature of organic search, its algorithmic shifts and technical development, which has necessitated continual personal development. He specialises in analytics, technical seo and seo strategy planning & development.


Database Designer

Darren is a microsoft certified sql server developer, with many years experience of sql server from version 2000 to 2016. He has working experience of querying databases, creating databases, creating ssrs reports, creating etl packages and creating business dashboards.

Mike Giglio

Senior Database Services

Mike giglio is svp of database services overseeing all of database practices including project and managed services for ms sql, oracle, sharepoint and db2. He has 21 years experience in technology including 16 years in database management. His management success and style has attracted top dbas from around the world to create one of the most talented and largest sql server teams.

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