Contest, Surveys and Sweepstakes

An online contest can take Instagram photo submissions or a simple sweepstakes form. If you have a promotion, seasonal period, offline event, or community to activate, let’s put your audience into action. We can manage your contest from start to finish.

Contest Services

● Creative conception
● Design & implementation
● Contest management
● User generated content curation
● Prize fulfillment

A stand at a well-known trade fair or conference and you want everyone to remember your brand. If you’re looking to increase the visibility of your brand, and widen your database quickly and easily, an attractive and ground breaking promotional action will open the doors to the contacts you are seeking. Organize and carry out a live sweepstakes for attendees and you’ll become the star of the event.


Below we show you the benefits that you will obtain with this promotion:
• Your stand will gain popularity as word spreads about your contest. You will receive many more visits to your stand.
• You will project a modern image, connected to new technologies, leaving behind old fashioned sweepstakes with pots and pieces of paper.
• You will compile a perfectly segmented database which you can download to an Excel file upon completion of the contest. In this way you get to keep all the information you requested of your participants.
• You will obtain personal contact details of potential clients.

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