Digital Content Strategy

The dots between an organization's website, social media and marketing/branding objectives. A strategist has to be a big picture thinker with the ability to execute targeted tactics. So a good strategist understands the digital space as well as the traditional marketing space and can connect them efficiently.

A strategy is an important investment in the digital profile of your brand. It will help you tap into the pool of prospects searching for the products or services you provide – and build your reputation as a thought-leader within your industry.

o A content marketing strategy must roll up underneath the overall brand positioning to ensure consistent messaging, meaning, and expression is used across the company.
o Distinct value is what differentiates your company. A strategy is what helps you ensure distinct value is threaded throughout your content marketing programs.
o The position your company takes in the marketplace must also be consistently supported to become the anchor for the perspective of your prospects and customers.
o A strategy is based on measurable goals. Therefore the metrics will be tied to business objectives.

A documented digital content strategy is a road map that aligns the approach marketing pursues with the company’s operations plan.

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