Cloud Computing

The media and entertainment industry is witnessing a staggering evolution from the traditional to a highly interconnected digital medium powered by cloud technology. The digital shift has opened the doors for a global marketplace with increased collaboration and lowered market barriers. Innovative services are being modelled with digital media content which has gained momentum with the proliferation of mobile devices and internet connectivity. Media content has moved dramatically to an always accessible and customizable stream of movies, music, videos and eBooks.

Advances in technology and consumer behaviour are leading to a transformation in the way video content is delivered to consumers. Due to this, there is a migration away from traditional broadcasting models and platforms towards digital distribution over the internet. Covering an array of state-of-the-art research topics, this book will help you understand the techniques and applications of cloud computing, the interaction/reaction of mobile devices, and digital media/data processing and communication.

The benefits of cloud computing:

• Greater efficiency – resources are virtualized and pooled ensuring physical infrastructure is used to its maximum capacity.
• Greater agility – IT resources can be provisioned on demand and returned to the resource pool just as easily.
• Rapid scalability – instantly allocate additional computing resources to meet business demands due to peak seasons, company growth or decline
• Lower costs – infrastructure, energy, and facility costs, “pay as you use” model
• Greater IT staff productivity – Automated provisioning through self-service portal
• Reduce wasted resources – transparent pricing and metering and chargeback tools allow IT admins to pinpoint where costs can be reduced
• Higher utilization of IT investments
• Enhanced security and protection of information assets.

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