Social tracking and reporting

Social Report simplifies your social media reporting and allows you to gain powerful insights from your social data to inform smart business decisions. Track the performance of all of your social channels from Facebook pages, Instagram accounts and Twitter profiles, to Yelp business reviews, email marketing campaigns and website performance.

Easily plan, schedule and post on and across all of your social networks. Social Report also analyzes your past post engagement across each platform and delivers optimal times to post and maximize engagement with your audience. Social Report is proud to offer Evergreen content—which archives your best performing posts and allows you to reschedule them so that you never run out of things to say.

Get in-depth reports that provide extensive analytics for strategic decision-making. Reports are data driven and include graphs and charts to enhance insights. Our teams of social media monitoring experts help you right from analyzing your presence across social media platforms, tracking trends and understanding online public attitude towards your company through to discovering key influencers and staying connected with them.

Reporting services to make it easy for brands to keep a tab on trends, address complaints and compliments across social media channels and track progress against the goals outlined in their social media strategy. We provide detailed reports that help you gather business-changing, valuable insights from social conversations and make smarter decisions across your business.

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