Community Development

Community development with social media Social networks is a powerful tool to unite people on the basis of their interests and drives, says Trap. Well-known social networks like Facebook and Twitter are ideal media for sharing information and connecting people.

There are specific roles which mass media play in the development of our communities which include, the transmission of social heritage, entertainment functions of the environment, correlation of part of the society, educating the masses and mobilization function, that is to say that without communication, no society can exist much less develop and survive.

For the existence as well as the organization of every society, communication is a fundamental and vital process. It could be seen from the forgoing functions that mass media provide information and education, personal identity, entertainment and most importantly, integration and social interaction, by giving insight into the circumstances of others as well as helping the development of social empathy.

The role of mass media in rural community has grown in context of communication changing with the proper use of communication media in shaping and channeling the minds of the rural communities in the use that help them, and it will go a long way in helping their condition. It is therefore important to investigate the role of mass media in community even down to local government level to make the rural communities developed.

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