Conversation Monitoring

Digital Tribe formulates strategies for listening to social media to manage the online reputation of a brand. Social media listening strategies have also been utilized by our clients in the context of competitive intelligence. Our listening strategies also deliver market research in almost real time to our clients via social media analysis. The advent of the internet, with social media and the mobile web now means that customers are empowered to take control of a brand. It is they who now determine the popularity of a brand, a product or a service.

Social media based conversations, the first thing you need to do is listen to the conversations taking place! These conversations are taking place with you or without you and finding out where and what they are allows you to identify influencers in your community and develop relationships with them

Monitoring social media can give you the visibility you need to keep control of your reputation. Relationship marketing is an integral part of any SEO campaign office. With the many advance applications it is now possible to survey social discussions accurately. This increases the popular opinion and reduces the negative comments.

All action on social media must always be monitored and a tracking report must be formulated to clearly show the results of spending in this avenue. We adopt multiple matrices to carry out this reporting activity. In some context numbers are used (for instance, number of retweets, likes, shares and fans), but it is also carried out through humanization of these numbers, such as comments on Facebook. The term humanizing of the data refers to the analysis of messages sent by Internet users (whether they are more negative or more positive), which content they liked, etc.

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