Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is often confused with similar-sounding (and a few similar-meaning) terms. Simply put, social media monitoring is keeping an eye on the conversations already happening related to key terms that you search for, such as your brand name, tagline, and product names.

Here are some other terms you may have heard:

• Social Media Listening:

Seeking to understand the tone, emotions, and implications of social media conversations; occurs alongside social media monitoring.

• Social Media Analytics:

Numbers and data, like how many mentions, retweets, or impressions you’ve received.

• Social Media Intelligence:

Analysis of the numbers; the takeaways you extrapolate from the data.

• Social Media Management:

The day-to-day actions you take to post to your social media accounts.

When planning your social media marketing strategy, you have the option to choose just a few channels to focus on so you can maximize your resources. You don’t have to post on every single platform to get the word out.

Unfortunately, limiting yourself to just a few channels isn’t really an option when it comes to monitoring what others are saying about you. The internet is a living, breathing thing. You can’t control whether people talk about your brand on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Snapchat, Yelp, personal blogs, or anywhere else. It’s important to monitor mentions across all channels.

It can track keywords that matter to your business, tell you where the most influential conversations are happening, and monitor consumer sentiment. And you can use those insights to take immediate action across multiple teams.

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